Becoming a PristineBlue® Dealer

Type of Business
The business must be a pool and/or spa related enterprise with a commercial retail storefront.

Local Saturation
While Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. does not grant exclusive territories to PristineBlue
® dealers, we try to maintain a reasonable distance between Authorized PristineBlue® Dealers. Ultimately, the decision to add a new dealership lies with the regional manager.

Accordingly, you are required to notify Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. of any intention to open a branch store or another retail outlet where you expect to sell products in the PristineBlue
® line. Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. may decline to provide products to you that you intend to sell from retail outlets that may interfere with the markets of an established dealer. This policy protects you and your market from outside dealers moving into a customer base and a territory that you may have already developed.  Additionally, Authorized PristineBlue® Dealers wishing to sell PristineBlue® products on the Internet must use the same web domain name as on the Authorized PristineBlue® Dealer's storefront.

Minimum Purchase
To become an Authorized PristineBlue
® Dealer, an initial purchase of a Dealer Start-Up Package is required. Due to price changes and new product availability, the configuration of the Dealer Start-Up Packages changes from year to year. Contact our administrative offices at
800-257-9283 for the current Start-Up Packages and pricing.

Authorized Dealers must have on staff, at least one Certified PristineBlue
® Applicator. Training for Certified Applicator status is available through self-study courses or on-site seminars. Because we want our dealers to be informed of current policies and technical advice, we ask that at least one representative of your store be a Certified Applicator trained in the last 12 months.

Terms, Discounts and Reorders

Application for Dealership and Credit
A credit application must be completed and returned even if the dealer chooses to do business on a C.O.D. or prepay basis. The credit application must be filled out completely. Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. bases its credit decisions on credit history information received from the listed trade references. If credit is denied, the dealer may wish to prepay for orders in lieu of orders being shipped C.O.D. Prepayment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or mailing the payment prior to shipment.

Standard terms are Net 30 with approved credit. Late charges are assessed at the rate of 1.5% per month and will be added to past due balances.

Early Buy Terms
Dealers who place “Early Buy” orders of $5,000 or more before December 31 with delivery the following spring are allowed special payment terms.

All reorders must be in case lots. Orders less than $300 will be subject to a $10 handling fee in addition to regular shipping charges.

Web Page
As an Authorized PristineBlue
® Dealer, your store name, address and phone number will be listed on the website of PristineBlue®. One can put in a zip code and the nearest Authorized PristineBlue® Dealer will pop up.

Cash Rewards Program
This program is designed to motivate and reward your employees to start up or convert a pool or spa customer to the PristineBlue
® system. Ask your regional manager for more information on the guidelines for this program.

For More Information
While all dealership inquiries will be considered, there are a few requirements and guidelines that must be reviewed before a dealership is granted.  In addition to the benefits PristineBlue
® offers your customers, there are many other advantages to becoming an Authorized PristineBlue® dealer. Want to learn more? Please contact us! Our sales team is looking forward to speaking with you!


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